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The Best Filament Extruder

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Are you frustrated with the high cost of filament for your 3D printer? Do you desire the ability to produce filament on demand, as it is needed, in the color and size appropriate for your 3D project?

The Recybot meets these needs and more, because it is a filament-making machine. The reason for starting this project is simple - raw plastic pellets are cheap costing.

Making your own filament is great, but even better is the recycling that can be done. The Recybot can turn your failed prints into new high quality filament. 

Nozzles and filament sizes:

1.75 mm


  • Cost Savings Over Filament - Save over 90% cost savings over purchasing expensive filament.

  • Cost Savings Over 3D Printed Objects - A single 3D printed object is cost a few cents, but with a Filabot system it could cost next to nothing.

  • Filament on Demand - Only make what you need when you need it, no waiting for filament to arrive.

  • Custom Colors - When buying a spool of filament it only comes in one color. With a Recybot system you can make any length, long or short, of any color you need.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Uses very little power, about the same as a desktop computer.



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RECYBOT desktop 3D printing extruder

RECYBOT desktop 3D printing extruder

The Best Filament Extruder

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