DIY Rep i3 3D Printer

DIY Rep i3


Unassembled DIY Rep i3 3D Printer BASIC KIT

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If you are first time to buy 3D printer DIY Rep i3, select this  printer is completely open source, as you can see, simple structure, easy to operate, work process at a glance, allowing you to quickly learn the basics of 3D printers. XYZ has a limit switch that automatically zero. Instead of manually find zero. Power plant built in the lower part, easy to carry. reprap official dragging a box, very inconvenient when moving.



   Yes, yes, some people think it is not beautiful appearance , and even some ugly, but it's very accurate , but the print quality , the machine itself, the quality is first class , as the shape of the reasons that it has become very easy to maintain , we offer one year free warranty , in fact, the vast majority of problems can be solved by quick DIY , very simple , like any other product without the need to post to the same postal , postage and time will make you crazy . The most important thing is that our products are mainly used for you to print an object, rather than decoration, a beautiful shell will increase the cost a lot , and we just want to let you have the most cost-effective 3D printer.


  Many wood shell machines , sound and tractors at work almost, if you put it in your home or studio phone should go far point , improved our engineers , our machines can make you fall asleep next to your do not disturb ;


   High quality lengthened stepper motor, no heat is not lost step ; professional metal timing belt pulleys and bearings ;


Z -axis motion speeds up 200mm/min, XY axis movement speed 3000mm/min;

When STL file into GCode, for the same size of the drawings , the conversion rate of our machines is several times that some products on the market , for drawing complex curves of some hundreds of hours of machine conversion rate will waste a lot of your valuable time, there these machines may use our time has been put things lay .

Print speed : standard test piece 20 * 20 * 10mm small box , just 6 minutes . After the conversion rate of 40 cubic centimeters per hour. ( I have to admit that this speed is filled with the standard 0.4 , then calculate the volume , because prints can be hollow inside , so this argument somewhat inaccurate , however , the weight is not fake, measured : 20 grams per hour. )


  Using well-designed K -type extruder, high -quality extrusion wheel direct drive stepper motors , control is more precise. ( Many manufacturers model is used to squeeze into gear or remote , will wear and backlash , elastic catheter inaccurate as a result of control problems . )

Positioning accuracy - XY: 0.012mm, Z: 0.004mm, 0.2mm-0.4mm thickness between optional

Print size : XYZ: 200mm * 200mm * 200mm


Technical Parameters:

Single nozzle

Thickness :0.15-0 .4 mm

Build size: 200 × 200 × 180mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Print speed: 40mm / h

Positioning accuracy: X axis 0.025mm, Y axis 0.21mm, Z axis 0.02mm

Equipment size: 450 × 450 × 450mm

Net Weight: 14KG

Software: special software

Compatible with: Windows xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OX

Supported formats:. Stl

Support ABS, PLA

Filament diameter: 1.75mm, 3.0mm

Common colors: black, white, blue, yellow, green, red, translucent

Half year warranty and lifetime maintenance;

It offers free telephone, QQ, e-mail support during the warranty period;

Provide permanent free technical support.


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DIY Rep i3 3D Printer

DIY Rep i3 3D Printer

Unassembled DIY Rep i3 3D Printer BASIC KIT

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