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T-Glass TEPG New 3D Filament!

T-Glass 3.00mm


TEPG T-Glass

Transparent 3.0mm

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High quality T-Glass filament is available in a wide range of colors and special properties. Ethylene terephthalateco-1,4-cylclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate, one kind of PETG 3D printing filament.






Brand Name

3D Printerstar







Diameter tolerance








Model Number


Place of Origin


Printing temperature

210C -260°C

Surface gloss



Most 3.0mm FDM 3D printers,

Makerbot/UP!/Afinia/Solidoodle etc

3D printer can be used on many fields. In fact there are two main applications for 3D printer. One is copy an existing products, the other one is creation new products.


For the copy field, 3D printer should combine with 3D scanner to maximize their function. When you want to copy a toy for your children, you can scan the toy with 3D scanner and get *stl format, then using your 3D printer to print the same one with YouSu 3D printing filament.

For example, reverse engineering, entertainment, daily life can use 3D printer.


For the creation field, 3D printer should combine with 3D model building software to maximize their function. The suitable software are Solidworks, Proe, UG etc. For example you want to develop a new tooling. You can draw the modeling and print it, then decide whether it is your desire tooling. If not you can optimize them and print them again until you satisfy it. Then you can develop the tooling which can save money and R&D life cycle.

For this field, designing, Architectural ,toy, education etc can use 3D printer.


In fact 3D printer is a tool, it has the function that can realize your drawing to real products. But how to maximize their function depends on you.



Material Advantages/Why T-Glass?:


T-glass, short for Tough Glass, this new and unique filament has some very interesting characteristics with regars to clearness and strength. It is made from the highest optical quality PETG material. Unlike other polymers, some PETG, including T-glase are not considered "transparent". Instead, it belongs to a group of polymers that are considered "colorless" and or "colorless with a percentage of reflectivity".T-glase is also considered "water-clrar" and "optically correct".




Desiccant to avoid PLAorb moisture

Vacuum package

Spool design that can pass drop test

Individual box that can ship directly.



Printing samples:


“How about your filament?”, “How about your color”? “Are your 3D printing filament suitable for my UP printer?”, “Can I use your 3D printer filament on my Ultimaker machine?”, “I am using makerbot 3D printer, can I use your filament”…We receive questions like these every day.

In fact it is hard to explain one by one. Here we show some example of printing parts with YouSu 3D printing filament and then you can know the answer.


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T-Glass TEPG New 3D Filament!

T-Glass TEPG New 3D Filament!

TEPG T-Glass

Transparent 3.0mm

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